How to sell online fast

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four Steps to sell online easily

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Get in touch

In our first meeting we will discuss your business needs and assess which services fits your business best to scale it up.

Together we check your business needs to offer you a customised solution that fits your requirements perfectly. We need to understand your business model and your service portfolio. Regarding the services or products you sell we define the right website structure, booking tool or online shop where we will then implement the online payment solution. Depending your business needs you can choose from our standard offering or we will do an individual offering for you.

Please be aware that we only offer our solutions to businesses that comply to our use policy. You can check our use policy here.

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Know Your Business

Once we agreed on the offer and on the Kolibri terms and conditions we require some information about you for the KYB (Know Your Business) process.
This step is impotant for us to verify your identity. We need to verify the legal and financial integrity of all our sellers in order to only include trustworthy sellers.

The documents we require may differ depending the branch, but generally, we need:
- company registration licence
- ID of executive director
- ID of all beneficial owners (individuals directly or indirectly controlling the company and who own more than 25% of its shares and/or voting rights)
- phone
- email
- industry
- sub-seller location and business name
- issuing bank of credit card
- type of credit card

3. step


After our initial meetings to figure out what your business needs we will start with the onboarding phase. Here we set up the structure and design.
We will work closely and agile with you together to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.
At first we need some basic information about your service offerings like times, prices, availability however we will take care about copywriting and the strategic setup. A convincing online presence needs professional imagery why we partner with a local photographer to set the right scene for your business. This is included in our online shop package.

Once we are satisfied with your new online solution and completed the testing phase we explain to you the functionality and walk you trough the tools. We are happy to receive your feedback which we will implement accordingly.

4. step


Whenever you are satisfied with the new online solution we are ready to launch it 🚀

If ever you want to make some changes - just tell us and we will do it for you. We offer you a complete package which also includes changes and adaptions as well as support when needed.

Let's scale up your business together!

Frequently Asked Questions

good to know before you start

What is the procedure when it comes to AUP violation?

We do not tolerate any violations against our AUP as we want to ensure high qualitative services to all parties. Therefore we conduct regular manual checks with our sellers.

Why do you onboard sellers manually?

This has a very simple but crucial reason behind. High quality, real sellers and tangible services/products is what makes Kolibri successful. Out of risk reduction and quality control reasons we do the onboarding manually. This takes more effort than doing the onboarding process via an online tool. We are not going for the path of least resistance but the one of the highest service level.

How do you monitor seller quality?

We will support your high quality strategy. However this only works if you already offer high qualitative services and products. To keep up your good standing we will do regular checks about your reputation in person like doing some surveys with customers and online like checking buyer reviews.

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